Kat Von D Eye Make Up - Makeup Artist Brush - Makeup For Scars.

Kat Von D Eye Make Up

kat von d eye make up

    make up
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kat von d eye make up - Kat Von

Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set

Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set

What it is:A five-piece makeup brush set.What it does:Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora, the Kat Eye Brush Set lets you apply makeup in style. The black-handled brushes are decorated with silver stenciled roses—inspired by Kat's favorite tattoo—adding to the creative attitude.What else you need to know: The set comes in a black vinyl case stenciled with silver roses to protect the brushes while you're on the move. The set includes:- Angled eyeshadow brush- Eyeshadow blending brush- Angled brow brush- Smudge brush- Flat eyeliner brush

84% (14)

Day Fourteen-May 14th,2011

Day Fourteen-May 14th,2011

sometimes, I feel the need to wear "too much make up" and do some fun stuff. Today I decided to use some plum and purple eye shadow and mix it with some Lime Green. I was happy.

Colors: Kat Von D- Rad Purple, MAC- Vibrant Grape, MAC- Bitter

Square Eyes

Square Eyes

I'm so gonna have square eyes by the end of the month! But my new viewing has arrived and I'm in serious need of a catch up.... so exciting!!! lol Just where to start... Jack Bauer or the prison break boys..... hmmmmmm

kat von d eye make up

kat von d eye make up

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Beethoven

What it is:A palette of eight eyeshadow colors from tattoo-artist Kat Von D.What it does:A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery—create your own with the True Romance Eyeshadow Palette. Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora, this artistic spectrum of shades brings an edgy-glam creativity to your makeup. The sleek black eyeshadow palette is stenciled with silver roses and arrives packaged in a silk-screened black and silver box that is itself a work of art—and inspired by Kat's favorite tattoo.This set contains eight eyeshadows in:- Lucifer (matte charcoal black)- Speed Blue (dark metalic blue)- Razor Gray (warm gun steel shimmer)- Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer)- Galeano (metallic medium plum shimmer) - Sinner (metallic purple black shimmer)- Rad Purple (matte purple black with purple glitter)- Leather (matte dark brown) - Two doubled-ended applicator brushesSize: 8 x 0.05 oz

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