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Buy Merle Norman Cosmetics Online

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Norman Horrocks (1927-2010)

Norman Horrocks (1927-2010)

Snapshots of Norman Horrocks from recent ALISE conferences (2007-9), often with friends. Norman was an adjunct faculty briefly at the University of Hawaii several decades ago. He was an LIS educator or librarian in Canada, Australia, and the US. He was dedicated to ALISE and LIS education. He was always mentoring and encouraging researchers and had a truly warm heart and sharp mind. Even while discussing important topics, he was able to make us laugh and think. It is hard not to sound cliche, but he will be greatly missed.

Norman Font

Norman Font

Norman font in St Michael, Castle Frome. The font has around the bowl depictions of Christ's Baptism, plus the symbols of the four evangelists. It rests on 3 strangely bearded men. It is from the from the Herefordshire School of stone carving, and is one of the better pieces of post-Conquest art.

buy merle norman cosmetics online

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